100% : 2019 Calendar

100% : 2019 Calendar

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The title of this calendar came from the measure of certainty stated by Dr. Blasey Ford that the identity of her assailant is Brett Kavanaugh, and the sexual violence he inflicted on her had indeed happened. The work inside is based on color blindness tests coupled with run-of-the-mill cat calls. Because the sexual harassment we encounter daily (as witness or target or both) in plain view on the street is an indicator of the sexual violence that happens behind closed doors, then it’s time we connect those dots and believe women and survivors.

Let these images live with you on your wall as a daily reminder to believe in women, in art, and in survival.

Calendar is poster sized at 12x18”, unbound, so at each month’s end, they are sized to be cut and framed as 12 x 12” art prints. BONUS!

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