Marcella Marsella is a self-described outsider artist & the one woman show behind Serious Business, her handmade art enterprise Undiagnosed mania compelled Marsella to teach herself everything she knows about art, specifically what it is, how to look at it, how to talk about it & how to make it.

Naturally, the work space shared by a crafting business & visual art making practice brought about a merging of these two modes. Her credit card mosaics and puffy paintings manifested themselves after years of these art forms living harmoniously side by side.

As you read this, Marsella is toiling away in her studio working on large scale paintings of her original Magic Eyes and creating a large body of work consisting of color blindness tests to address the tiresome epidemic of catcalling. Find her on Instagram @marcellamarsella to see her artwork updated daily.

When Marsella is taking a much needed break from art making, she is at her jewelry workbench crafting one-of-a-kind statement pieces to frame your beauteous faces. Serious Business is all about making you feel special, unique, stylish and NEW! Be the very first to see new Serious Business shop additions @serious_business_art.

Serious Business work is proudly conceived, produced, patented, copyrighted, trademarked & made in the Bottom, West Philadelphia.